Jessica Jacquelynn Porter

Jessica Porter Jeunesse Facial Aesthetics CEO


Jessica is a nurse and medical aesthetician with sixteen years of experience in aesthetics and dermatology, and over ten years of experience with injectables.  She has received years of extensive training and has worked under the tutelage of some of the industry’s very best.  She is skilled in a variety of advanced techniques and continues to stay abreast of new science and applications.

Her philosophy is that in order for a result to be beautiful, it must look natural and be of balanced proportion.  Conservative and meticulous product placement means that her results are just that.  And they are consistent, which is why Jeunesse guarantees all filler results.  Adjustments are made if needed until the work is near flawless.  Corrective work can also be performed for those unhappy with results they’ve received elsewhere until that too is near flawless, even in extreme cases.  Jessica is an artist that works with a variety of medium, and to her every face is a canvas.  Still, safety is her top priority and all services are performed mindfully and with a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy. 

Jessica has long been a mentor to professionals seeking to learn her injection methods, which have proven very successful.  Her high rate of patient satisfaction is accomplished with a unique blend of injection techniques (basic to advanced) with fundamental concepts of visual art, and the use of math to optimize precision.  Wether you’re brand new to injecting, looking to strengthen your confidence in a particular area, or wanting to augment your professional on-label training, mentorship can be customized to fit your needs.

Jessica was born in MI, but has spent much of her life in CO.  In her spare time, Jessica likes to keep fit and spend time with her family.  She loves art, books, music, and to travel.  Currently, she is finishing her bachelor’s degree in finance and business management and plans to attend graduate school in 2020.