Whether you are brand new to injectables or looking to strengthen your proficiency in a certain area, mentorship can be extremely valuable. Mentorship can be done one-on-one or involve multiple staff members. This approach allows you to learn off-label techniques that will not be taught by your account reps and to customize your learning without the exorbitant expense of classes. Jessica has been mentoring other injectors for nearly five years and is able to address nearly every concern on the face and neck. Your learning experience will help you feel comfortable performing even the most advanced techniques safely and with beautiful results. 

Rates start at $100/hr and are dependent upon training location and number of participants 

“I want to share with nurses and physicians who want to get training to perform injectables, to please look into Jeunesse Aesthetics. Mine was a one on one training that was part theory and part actual instruction with saline. I was educated with Jessica’s personal knowledge and experience, and it was priceless! Also this training was so affordable! The one on one training takes away the pressure of not getting enough experience, which is a concern in big classes. My knowledge base and confidence level has vastly improved. I can’t wait to learn more from Jessica in the future!“ -Denise Manning, RN, BSN

"My business partner and I have been RN injectors for a while now, but we are always looking for ways to advance our knowledge and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. We found Jessica's contact information online and took a training class with her for advanced injections of the jaw and chin, as well as tear trough filler technique. We have learned a lot of tips and tricks, and safety of injection was always the priority. Jessica was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Our model was extremely happy with the result. We are looking forward to our next training with Jessica soon!" - Naira Petrosyan, RN