"Jessica is by far the best injection technician in Colorado. She has done 2 separate, extremely helpful treatments that others had said simply wasn’t possible. She is super educated on the science and a very talented artist. That pretty much makes her a perfect technician for injectables. I highly recommend."

 - Aim D 

 "Let me just start by saying that I have been to other injectors. I was bruised horribly, hugely swollen and looked absolutely horrible for days. Jessica is the best injector I’ve ever been to. Zero bruising. Minimal swelling. Fabulous results. I was impressed by her skill and attention to every little detail. She was gentle and took her time. I’ll never let anyone else touch me again!"

 - Lyndsey Cordova

"Jessica is an injection rockstar! She sees things we cannot. She helped start my process to fight like hell this gravity thing!!!"

 - Christa Capital

"I want to take a minute to give thanks to Jessica for such an amazing job she did! She is such an amazing person but I will say what she does when she meets with you is an art. She treats all her customers with a very kind and helpful heart. I feel so blessed to know her! Amazing job thanks dear Jessica."

 - Carla Restovic

"I went to get some filler done with Jessica and WOW! I’ve never had an experience as pain free and easy. My results look great and I’m pretty thrilled. She even accommodated me for some extra services at my appointment. You can tell upon meeting her that she is an expert in her craft. I will definitely be going back for more."

- Melanie S.

"Jessica - master of facial anatomy. She helped repair my face after a well known plastic surgeon melted my collagen by putting filler dissolver on places with no filler. I struggled to get out of bed as my face dropped and sagged for a young age. I had been to other places and they tried to sell me on surgery instead of hope. Jessica was comforting and let me hold the mirror as she injected small amounts of corrective filler where it was destroyed so I could monitor and be onboard with the results. I will be having PRP next month to help my collagen grow back. Please go see Jessica before you get botched! Or she’s there to help fix it."

- Kimberly Jones

"Jessica performed PRP injections into my face. I hardly felt a “sting” nor did I bruise anywhere on my face. That has never happened with me before. Jessica is my new go to girl for any injection needed on my face. She is called by her peers the “master injectionist”. True statement!"

 - Carmen B.

"Jessica will make you look like your best/natural self. She won’t scare you about aging and force you to get procedures you don’t need. Go see her!"

 - K.P.

"Jessica is a master of her craft and knew what I wanted without me telling her. I enjoyed my experience and will definitely visit again for more services."

 - L.P. 

"I saw Jessica for the first time today and she was absolutely incredible! She has complete knowledge, an insane amount of experience, and most of all made me feel super confident and comfortable. Such a stellar person and injectionist! I will definitely be seeing her from now on for my injections...and you should too, trust me!"

 - Britten Michalik

"I LOVE MY LIQUID LIFT!!! I have to say I was a bit leery heading into my procedure, but Jessica immediately put me at ease. She actually listened to my desired outcome and together we discussed a realistic initial treatment plan. I am a veteran to fillers and Botox/Dysport, but having my lips injected made me incredibly nervous! Jessica thoroughly explained the purpose and placement of each injectable with total outcome always the goal. I’m SO used to being rushed and bruised after injections, but Jessica was very patient and gentle and I experienced minimal discomfort and a few small bruises afterwards. After about 36 hours after my procedure, my face looked rejuvenated, smooth and my lips look fabulous! I cannot thoroughly express how happy I am with Jessica anger her professionalism."

 - Margie Stone

"I’ve been getting minor “work” done since I was 25, I’m 34 now and have been to many people over the years. Jessica is insanely knowledgeable and a true expert at her craft. I will follow her wherever here career takes her. If you’re questioning making the appointment, don’t. Do yourself a solid, and go see her."

 - Danielle Dial

"I saw Jessica yesterday for facial filler. What a great and easy experience. My results were immediate and today look even better. She is drop dead gorgeous, which always makes me feel more at ease going into it, that she will give natural results without looking overdone. I will definitely go back to her in the future."

 - Kim Bump