Jessica Jeunesse Facial Aesthetics Services

 Injectables should soften the appearance, but never be obvious.



Botox® can soften lines in the forehead and around the eyes (even the lines right underneath), but can also be used to slim the nose and face, relax a gummy smile, smooth out the chin, neutralize a down-turned mouth, create a pouty lip, and more. Our Botox® is always guaranteed FULL strength and last 3-4 months. 


Dermal Fillers                            

Juvederm®. Restylane®. Radiesse®, Belotero® 

Dermal filler doesn’t just have the capacity to put back lost volume, it can act as a support structure for the face, even supporting facial ligaments with proper placement.  Filler can be used to augment the chin, straighten the nose, restructure the jaw, soften aging hands, rejuvenate crepey knees/elbows, and so much more. Some fillers last up to two full years.

$350 - $750, whole and half syringes available

Injection Lipolysis                                                     

Kybella® and Deoxycholic Acid

Fat accumulates in the lower face with age, making the face less heart shaped and more square - which ages us (and also looks more masculine).  Kybella® and Deoxycholic Acid can slim the lower face, jowls, and under the chin permanently.  This alone can resemble the result of a traditional lower face lift.  Works on small fat deposits on the body as well. 

Starting at $99 per syringe 

PRP Therapy                                                               


Platelets have amazing healing properties that can promote collagen building and hair growth.  Injecting PRP alongside dermal filler can optimize results by acting as a biostimulator, thereby aiding in longevity.  It can also be used with micro-needling to help with tone and texture. The Suneva® PRP preparation process ensures that you get the purest plasma with the highest platelet count and lowest white blood cell count, which is especially ideal for hair restoration therapy.  

Starting at $249 per treatment


This treatment uses small needles to create micro injury to the skin in order to promote collagen building and skin remodeling.  When performed using PRP these results are amplified. This is a great treatment for scars and stretch marks!

$299 with PRP, $199 without 


This is a quick, no down-time service that will remove the dead skin and vellus hair on the face (the hair does NOT grow back thicker).  Ultimately, your makeup will sit as if airbrushed and you’ll never want to go without it again.  Also a great way to prep the skin before a customized chemical peel.

$75 with peel, $49 without 

Corrective Work

If you’ve had injectable work that you don’t love, chances are it can be reversed and improved upon. Jeunesse can handle even the most extreme cases successfully.

Prices Vary